Google transforms into Alphabet with new Business Model and Code of Conduct

Google has now completely been transferred under the name of the newly introduced company – Alphabet, with Sundar Pichai as the CEO of the Internet giant. Alphabet is a corporation composed of all the services that were previously being handled by the Google itself, and apparently, it is just the new business structure of dividing company’s product in individual companies with Alphabet being a supreme parent company.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are still the lead of the enterprise, where individual firms have respective VP as CEO.

There is now even a new code of conduct for the employees, and apparently, it is the first time when Google has changed it after 2004. A few little things have been modified this year, but a most of it are just the same.


The big news here is that the Google’s Class A and Class C shares will now be automatically transferred to the parent company, Alphabet. Class-A shares are those that charge a front-end load taken from the initial investment. You get lower 12b-1 fees, Right of Accumulation and few other benefits.

Whereas the Class C shares are those that are similar to a low-load fund. This is apparently the best for those that are looking for the short-term investment in a company. Google’s Class C and A shares will be in the direct hold of the Alphabet, where the Class B shares are going to be in the Google’s as they offer low investment for a longer period.

The division is apparently going to bring in more revenues for the Alphabet as per the business model; also, the child companies will be in better position to make an individual decision.

Consumers aren’t going to face any changes on the web or any other service for that matter. They will be able to surf the same web through the Google, and publishers will have the same portal for the advertisements and whatsoever.

Moreover, there are only slight changes in the logo, which we observed a few week ago, but nothing else. In all, there isn’t going to be anything out of ordinary in the new Google child of Alphabet.