Google, Twitter, NY Times team together to load web pages in milliseconds

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR) are rumored to develop a new type of code for the news platforms with the media giants that would allow the web pages to load faster. Reports from unconfirmed sources claim the both the companies have joined to develop a mechanism that would help pages to load in few milliseconds.

Google News is that one platform which allows all of the giants and budding news publisher to grow and have their share of the users, and despite the fact that almost everyone reading the story has a service with good internet connectivity, pages tend to load slowly and sometimes become hard for a user to know about that topic.

A report suggests that for every one-second delay, Amazon loses at about $1500. Google News, Twitter and news giants are apparently trying to help themselves by creating a type of system that would load faster, provide the required content, and help the websites retain their visitors.

Readers/Viewers are one the only factor that counts for such blogs. Blogs provide for free of cost content and by serving ads they earn their bread and butter. The new system is likely to get announced by the end of next month, and as far as NY Times disclosure is concerned, the blog is now the official partner for developing these new type of algorithm.

The new method is focusing the way articles store in the databases, and by altering a little code on the websites, Google will be able to make the blogs load faster than ever before. It is now only the matter of time when this arrives.

If we see, a majority of blogs today run on the WordPress and apparently this blogging platform may partner or even include aforementioned code in next few updates.

Apparently, news and content are the two things that drive the entire internet, videos and images share isn’t that much as of the text. Every blog and website have mainly the text to represent a piece of information, and the upcoming algorithm is going to focus mainly on optimizing the a majority of the text and then the images.

It will manage the way images, videos and texts appear during the page load.

That’s one thing, everybody is looking forward to having a news platform, and there is a new kid in the town – Apple News. Without a doubt, blogs getting featured in the News will be optimizing their content to decrease the load time.