GoPro Hero 5 likely to be out in early 2016 along with the drone Karma

The most-awaited Hero 5 camera is finally coming out next year, disappointing eager fans who had expectations to see it in the market earlier than that. The GoPro Hero 5 camera was supposed to be released in October this year. However, the company claimed to have been still working on the device to resolve a few technical malfunctions and enhance its features in terms of design and technology to make it better than competitors and its predecessor Hero 4.

The fifth generation action camera of GoPro is set to launch in early 2016 along with another product of the California based company- a quad copter/drone called Karma. The firm’s website has given confirmation on the launch of an automated aerial recording device. However, information about the camera launch seemingly leaked out to several publications.

Here are some of its features which might be able to assure the fans that although rolling out to the market a little later than expected, their videographic equipment won’t dissatisfy them. To start with, the next generation action camera is going to be smaller as well as more lightweight as compared to its predecessors. GoPro 5 is alleged to be half the size of GoPro Hero 4. The fifth generation of the camera is anticipated to be forty percent lighter and fifty percent smaller than Go Pro 4.

Moreover, not only will underwater filming be possible, but also shooting in Full Ultra high definition video recording quality. The waterproof camera will be able to shoot approximately sixty meters underwater compared to GoPro Hero 4’s twenty meter depth range. To enable this, the camera will be kept in a special dive housing as opposed to a standard housing. It can be used on air, land and underwater; and is said to be extremely resilient. Battery life of the camera is pretty impressive as the large battery capacity is expected to provide 24 hours of uninterrupted operation with just a single full charge. But this is subject to resolution of the videos being filmed.

Most likely, the GoPro 5 camera will be capable of filming 8K quality videos which will be a very high standard set by the action-camera producer. Nonetheless, this comes with its own pitfalls. Firstly, it will be difficult to shoot 8K quality videos on larger screened devices since this technology is new to consumers and won’t be platform independent; secondly You Tube would not support that quality (at least in the short term); thirdly powerful processors will be needed to support this resolution; and lastly more battery and storage space will be compromised due to the 8K lines of resolution.

The camera is supposed to have a dual-lens to capture 3D or motion pictures and will render an overwhelming 4320 pixels. Enhancements also include better Bluetooth features. With the A10 chip, faster processing will be ensured, and media sharing will be made easier.
If rumors are to be followed, the new camera will be valued at $200 which is half the price of the previous generation. The device is set to have a combination of both innovation and low cost. Till then, users and fans will have to await the official announcements by the American camcorder firm, which are certainly round the corner.