Great Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

Pain is something that can be extremely detrimental to your life, especially when it is chronic. It makes it hard to carry out normal activities and it can turn what used to be a source of enjoyment into something you either can’t or don’t want to do.

The problem is that although prescription drugs and even some over the counter medication can relieve pain to some extent, this is not always the solution that people are looking for. These drugs don’t always agree with them, perhaps due to allergies or specific beliefs.

The good news is there are some great, natural alternatives. Remember, though, as with every type of medication, prescribed or not, you must check with your doctor before starting any course of treatment.

Move Around – Do More Exercise

Exercise might seem like the very last thing you want or need to do when you are in pain. However, it can be extremely useful and can reduce the pain you are feeling. This is because when you exercise, you release hormones such as endorphins into the body. Endorphins block the pain receptors in the body, so they simply cannot send any messages to the brain to say that you are feeling pain.

Any kind of exercise can make this happen, including just going for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. The key is to do an activity that makes your heart rate increase for a sustained amount of time.

CBD Products

CBD products can work wonders when it comes to chronic pain. Don’t confuse CBD with marijuana and the problems that this can cause. It may come from the same plant, but CBD contains no THC (which is what causes the ‘high’) and is therefore much safer.

Full spectrum CBD has been studied and been shown to have many potential healing benefits, and although you must speak to your doctor before you begin to take any (especially if you are on other medication) it might make all the difference.

When using CBD, you can prevent the neurotransmitters in your body (which themselves contain endocannabinoids) from sending signals to the brain regarding your chronic pain. The pain — and often any inflammation associated with it — will reduce.

Vitamin D

In order to be as healthy as possible, the body needs a variety of different vitamins and minerals. When combined in the right amounts, these can help to make chronic pain much less of a problem. For the most part, we get enough of these nutrients from the food we eat, which is why it is so crucial to have a healthy, balanced diet.

One of the vitamins that people tend to lack more than most is Vitamin D. This is not found in many foods, and therefore we don’t usually get enough of it unless we take supplements. Alternatively, make sure you go outside more often because you can absorb Vitamin D from sunlight (although there must be a balance struck since the sun’s UV rays are dangerous).

Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium which repairs bones and maintains their health. The healthier our bones are, the less pain we will feel from them.