Guadalupe fur seals are mysteriously washing on California shores

As many as 80 Guadalupe fur seals were found stranded at the central California by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). As per the Administration, there has been a significant increase in the number of seals appearing on the coasts over the course of past one year, suggesting the an environmental impact on the habitat of this species.

Reports suggest that those appearing on the coasts are either dead or are skinny enough for anyone to see all of their bones. The rate at which these animals are showing off on the shores has significantly increased as well. If we compare the figures from last year, then there were at about 10-20 seals appearing at the central California, however, the data now reflects 80 seals and their pups at the shore.

The appearance of these animals on the shores – some of them who are already dead – made the NOAA declare it as UME or an unusual mortality event. Unlike other seals, this particular species of seals have been marked as endangered, and their deaths are indicating towards a possible extinction. Only 15,000 Guadalupe seals have been left in this world right now.

Marine Mammal Center’s Jeff Boehm says that this is an alarming rate at which these seals are dying. The center has already rehabilitated 11 Guadalupe fur seals out of 33 who arrived on the shores. NOAA has declared an animal emergency for these seals so that they can dedicate all of the resources to stop any other from dying.

Boehm says that when these seal pups arrive on the shore, they are sick, very sick and weak. The hospital has very less time to save them from the mouth of the death. The rehabilitation centre is also pushing their limits so as to minimize any other deaths of seal pups. However, those who are already dead in the sea, there isn’t much the centre can do about it. The warm water of the Pacific ocean is the main reason these pups are being found stranded on the sea shores.

Mother seals and seal lions along with their pups are being forced to travel a longer distance in search of food. Apparently, most of the pups don’t have this much of strength before they can go for long stretches in the pursuit of food.

Whichever seal they found on the beach gets an extra care at the hospital, and Boehm said that every animal on this planet deserves our attention, and if we can save them from dying, there is nothing better than that.