Hamas Responds to Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire Disruption

The recent Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire was disrupted when some suicide bomber made his way into infiltration tunnels that’ve been used to fight Israel. The Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire granted Israel the right to destroy the infiltration tunnels, and Palestine was given some concessions regarding at-the-table demands.

After an Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire disruption event near an infiltration tunnel, an Israeli soldier went missing. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire ended because of the actions of Palestinian soldiers and a suicide bombing. At the time, it was said that the Israeli soldier could’ve been a casualty in the tunnel fight. The Israeli soldier has not yet been found.

Now, Hamas has responded to the claim that it’s responsible for capturing the Israeli soldier. The Qassam Brigades, the ring leader in the three-week attack on Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, issued a statement: “Until now, we have no idea about the disappearance of the Israeli soldier. We do not know his whereabouts or the conditions of his disappearance. Our account is that the soldier could have been kidnapped and killed together with our fighters.”

Hamas is claiming that it doesn’t have the Israeli soldier, but Israel will continue to look for him until he is claimed. Mourning a national soldier is akin to mourning a close relative and family member in Israel, and, should the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continue, Israel will do everything it can to find the missing soldier. It’s been suggested that Hamas could’ve captured the Israeli soldier to increase its at-the-table negotiations.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has existed for years, with Israel achieving statehood in 1947. Palestine has emphasized that, it too, wants to achieve statehood, and national diplomats worldwide have emphasized that only a Palestinian state equal to Israel will put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire lasted for three days before the tunnel fight that ended it all.