Honda from Far Cry to $24,000 300,000,000th Gold Wing motorcycle

Honda built their 300,000,000th motorcycle, and it may look like a trip down memory lane to some, but to others, it’s exactly what the iconic brand needed to celebrate the breakthrough build. The bike was produced in Japan and is one of the Gold Wing, models, which sells for $24,000. The first bike that was produced was a far cry from the bike that was released in 1949 that started everything for Honda.

It was a 98cc Dream Type-D which was produced by Honda in that breakthrough year, which kicked off what would be a long, and developed stand for the company. Throughout the years, Honda has competed with brands in Asia, as well as American brands. Most specifically, Harley Davidson has been the biggest motorcycle maker that has competed with Honda. The brand, which also has a very iconic standing within the community, has done a lot to compete with Honda in the cruiser segment.


In 1968 and 1973, Honda built their 10th and 20th millionth motorcycles, but now, in just the last 8 years Honda has built 100 million motorcycles, ATV’s and side-by-sides worldwide. Something that the company has widely regarded as a massive positive as growth continues to spurt globally, as well as locally in the United States.

Honda though is not alone to just motorcycles and ATV’s. They also produce a long-line, and long-popular line of traditional vehicles, too. Throughout the years though, the cost of the motorcycles has plateaued to a certain degree. While they are not as cheap as they once were – costing just a few thousand dollars here in the United States when the bikes were popular in decades past – but now the pricing is very fair. While this particular model that was built in celebration may have cost $24,000 – traditional builds, or modern builds do not cost nearly as much.

Honda bikes typically cost between $4,000 and $12,000 depending on build and specification. One of the really big positives that motorcycles have experienced over the years is that they oftentimes last decades themselves. Motorcycles enjoy a really long lifespan, and that is something that is a major positive for those who ride and make the investment in a bike.