Honda Takata airbag recall list reaches 5.4M with 2.6M new cars

Honda is going to comply with the demands that were made by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure that repairs are done nationwide on vehicles with the impacted Takata airbag inflators. The company said today that they would replace all of those driver’s side airbags, and would resolve all outstanding issues as they pertain to airbags in Honda vehicles.

There have been at least five deaths associated with the faulty Takata airbags that inflate with too much force – turning the metal canister that it’s contained in – into shrapnel. Initially, Honda only included States that were in the south, or in places that they believed were “high-humidity” regions – focusing on the Gulf coast states. It was believed that the chemicals inside the canister burn more quickly, and more viciously in humid areas. That humidity could, theoretically, cause the airbag to inflate too quickly.


Honda though is taking a rather unique approach here – and not officially naming a new recall, or calling this a recall even. Rather, the company is just adding to the recall list that already exists – which enters a strange grey area that has confused some people. Altogether, this makes Honda’s vehicle count for impacted vehicles to 5.4 million.

While other companies, like Ford, Mazda, and BMW have regional recalls in effect right now, they have opted to not make those recalls “nationwide recalls.” Interestingly, Mazda has begun expanding that recall today – and they have no waivered from calling it a recall. While they haven’t made their recall nationwide yet, internal expectation is that eventually that will be happening as the assault on Takata continues.

The company responsible for the faulty airbags though has reserved a very constricted view on the issue and hasn’t offered to take responsibility, or take on any part of the burden. However, with continued pressure from the United States – and other government agencies – it would be unlikely that these recalls were not expanded further or made nationwide. Some of Honda’s most popular models were included in the recall – like Accord and Civic – both popular sedans.

Those with impacted vehicles have been receiving notifications via mail to have the airbags fixed on those models. For anyone who has an impacted vehicle, but has not yet received anything – Honda and most companies have noted that the recall letters will be getting issued in a timely fashion.