How an iPhone 6 Plus Turns into a Working Game Boy?

The April Fools’ Day is about fooling people. We get to read a lot of gadget related stories on this special day. The majority of those stories speak about innovative gadgets with exciting features. Some of them are too good to be true, while others are so captivating that gizmo freaks badly want them to be turned into real life entities.

Like every year, this year’s April Fools’ Day also saw unveiling of a number of teasers. However, the one that beat all comprehensively is the one put forward by the US-based video game console manufacturing company Hyperkin. Hyperkin teased its fans on Reddit by informing them about an iPhone case that will also be playing the role of a Game Boy player.


This amazing prank allowed the company to quickly reach the coveted first page of Reddit. The gag was shared by a large share of Reddit users, and once it was revealed that the news of iPhone cover doubling up as a Game Boy player was just a joke the fans of Hyperkin started expressing their sadness over the issue.

There’s good news for all those lamenting souls. The company is now planning to turn the product described in their April Fools prank into reality; the name given to this new product is Smart Boy.

The original prank included an image of a maroon and grey brick featuring a slot for inserting Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. The product on the image also included a separate slot for playing Game Boy games.

Hyperkin has said that the Smart Boy might not look exactly like the product shown on the prank post. The company is also trying to make its new product compatible to several other devices besides the iPhone 6 Plus.

Chris Gallizzi, Hyperkin’s product developer, when explaining his company’s plans, said that he and his team were looking to develop a retro device capable of adapting into devices used by modern-day gamers.

This innovative Hyperkin product will be operated by a mobile phone application that modifies old games for making them look more exciting on the screen of contemporary devices. That’s not all; the product will also have the ability to save games.