How to watch House of the Dragon for free

The House of the Dragon series has been long awaited and was sorely missed after Game of Thrones ended years ago. Fortunately, the long wait has finally ended now that the series has been launched and is available to watch on HBO Max. That is where you will get to watch the latest episodes of the series if you do not have a cable connection. However, HBO Max does not offer a free trial offer anymore, which means subscribing to the channel is one of the viable options to watch the series. That said, a few other free options will let you watch the action without paying a penny. Read on to find out more.


Both HBO and HBO Max are available on Hulu or Hulu with Live TV. This applies if you already have a Hulu subscription going or have just signed up for the service. However, if you have just signed up, there is the free 30-day trial offer that you qualify for, which includes the HBO add-on as well. Once you have registered for the service, you can start watching House of Dragons on the Hulu app live.

The Hulu app is available on a range of compatible devices, which includes the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku, Roku TV, Xbox One S or Xbox One S X, PS 4 or PS 5, Chromecast, Nintendo Switch, and so on, In fact, you can watch on any Android or iOS device, be it a smartphone, TV, or a tablet. Apart from these, you can also watch via the Hulu website on your computer or smart TV. Those who have signed up for HBO Max have the added benefit of setting things up to watch the series at a later convenience.

DirecTV Stream

HBO Max is available on DirecTV Stream as an add-on. DirecTV Stream offers a set of four channel packages which includes Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. The good thing here is that HBO Max is available as an add-on on any of the four packages. Here, you have the option to select the package of your choice as well as any add-on that you prefer during the free trial period which lasts five days.

However, if you wish to subscribe long-term and opt for the Choice or above package, you will have access to HBO Max for three months. Once you have signed up and opted for the package of your choice, you can watch House of Dragons live on the DirecTV Stream app. The app can be installed on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, Roku, Roku TV, Chromecast, and so on. The app is available for Android, Android TV, iOS, and Apple TV platforms, which means the series can be watched via Android smartphones and tablets, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, or any smart TV that runs Android. Here too, you have the option the watch later option via the HBO Max app.

The HBO Max subscription cost

The HBO Max otherwise costs $9.99 per month with ads while the ad-free version will set you back $14.99 every month. For the yearly plan, there is the one that costs $69.99 but will include ads while the same without the ads will cost $104.99 on an annual basis.

The House of the Dragon series

The series is based on the book titled Fire & Blood written by George R. R. Martin. The series is co-authored by both George R. R. Martin and Ryan Condal. It depicts events that happened 200 years before all that is shown in the Game of Thrones and reveals the story of House Targaryen. Both George R.R. Martin and Condal also happen to be the executive producers as well along with Sapochnik, Sara Hess, Jocelyn Diaz, Vince Gerardis, and Ron Schmidt.

Sapochnik has been the director of some of the most enthralling episodes in the “Game of Thrones” series. Those include The Gift, Hardhome, The Winds of Winter, and Battle of the Bastards. No wonder fans are super excited and expect the same levels of craftsmanship and edge-of-the-seat excitement with the House of the Dragon series.