HTC may tap selfie market on October 8th

As invitations have gone out for HTC’s “Double Exposure” event, the tech space has been set abuzz by the potential for a phone that capitalizes on the all-mighty selfie.

With so little time between now, and the event on October 8th that leaves a very small window for consumers to predict what might be exposed at “Double Exposure.” The term double exposure itself, of course, is camera terminology, and for phone geeks – the invitation has two women who are taking a selfie with what is believed to be an HTC One.

The recent, and planned rollout of Androids latest software has left Android users waiting for something more, something better – and it appears as though HTC is poised to do just that with a camera focused device that could further connect the camera and smartphone markets.

Sources close to HTC believe that it will be a Go-Pro like camera, embedded in an HTC smartphone. The GoPro and tube-like camera will feature a 16 MP ultra-wide-angle lens that will work brilliantly connecting with Android and iOS platforms.

It doesn’t look like the connectivity will stop there, either. Speculation totes that HTC may also release an application that can run on Android and iOS that would couple with the camera as well.

The update to the smartphone though would likely come to the HTC One M8. While there has been some speculation that the event could focus on the soon-to-be-released HTC Desire, the likelihood of that phone being somehow connected to this event being dubbed “Double Exposure,” remains unlikely.

The HTC One M8 features double-cameras in the back and uses one to refocus shots as they’re taken. However, HTC has already created a good amount of space between themselves, and the competition when it comes to the cameras on smartphones.

So, this event could really be a catalyst to driving HTC further into the camera space, and really make them the leaders in camera-geared-technology inside of smartphones.