IAF to fly 600 Indian nationals back from war-torn Sudan

In light of the violence in the South of Sudan, national aid-cells as well as diplomatic ministries have begun to leave the war-driven zone.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs also tweeted on July 13th that the Operation Sankat Mochan would relieve Indian Nationals from Juba.

According to NDTV, Two IAF C-17 Globemaster’s would fly to Africa on Thursday and arrive at11AM local time. Arrangements have been made by diplomatic representatives in the area for all Indians with the essential documents to gain safe passage all the way up to New Delhi.

The operation is being led under the supervision of the State Minister for External Affairs, V.K. Singh. Other representatives from the Ministry will accompany him on the operation too,

There has been countless loss of lives in Juba, which have been caused due to political unrest in the Nation.

Conflicts between the President’s troops and those following the Vice President have left the area on high alert. The United Nations has said that the unrest has caused in excess of 35,000 locals to flee their homes for safety.

After the most recent stimulus, during the meet of both the opposition parties on July 7th, the gunfight lasted for days until the President officially called off fighters.

He instead demanded that they protect local civilians as well as pardon and grant safety to members that decided to surrender from the opposition’s following.

The current opportunity allows safe extraction of foreign citizens as the two parties are currently not firing guns, increasing the chances of refugees remaining safe when traveling locally to reach extraction points.

In light of the threat of violence other Nations like the USA have also deployed troops to ensure the safety of their citizens and representatives. An American News Channel reported that a total of 40 personnel were sent to Juba for the reason.

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