Imgur now allowing users to Embed Images, Albums and GIFs

This year Imgur, the online image hosting service founded by Schaaf, is celebrating its 6th anniversary. In these six years, the company has gained a lot of popularity and now it looks that its popularity will increase even further. This is because Imgur will now be allowing people to embed public images from its website into their own website.

Online publishers or writers who were always interested in including pictures on Imgur into their write-ups or page content will now be able to do that easily and more importantly legitimately. This will be possible just because of the new embedding capabilities of the image-sharing site.


Any GIF or public image on Imgur can now be embedded into you site. For doing that, you will need to complete just a few simple steps. The embed option is available on the image’s “Post Option” menu. On clicking the option, you will be allowed to copy an HTML line; you will need this HTML line for reproducing the content on your own website.

It’s true that the process of downloading and re-uploading an image was never extremely tough or time taking. However, still having the option of embedding images will make things different and much simpler.

Introduction of embedding capabilities has allowed websites such as Twitter and YouTube to spread their content all across the online world. Experts are expecting something similar to happen even with Imgur. This means even if you decide not to embed images available on Imgur into your website, you will definitely come across hundreds of thousands of sites that have embedded Imgur content.

By allowing people to embed its content, Imgur will be getting more control over user experience; this is because the quality of the embedded content will be exactly the same on the third-party site as it was on Imgur. In addition, embedding capabilities might provide Imgur with more data about how the images are being shared, viewed and published.

One thing website owners will have to keep in mind is that all sites will not support Imgur’s embed code immediately. However, the image-sharing site is expected to fix this issue soon.


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