Instagram Threads App Takes a Stand: No Amplification of News Content

Instagram’s recent venture, Threads, a Twitter-like application, has made a clear stance on its approach to news. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has stated that while news will be present on Threads, the platform does not intend to amplify it. This decision has sparked discussions among users and industry experts alike.

Key Highlights:

  • Instagram’s Threads will not amplify news content.
  • Adam Mosseri emphasizes that Threads is not anti-news.
  • The decision is rooted in past challenges faced by Instagram and Facebook regarding news content.
  • Threads aims to be a positive space for discussions, avoiding the negativity often associated with news debates.

Instagram’s Approach to News on Threads:

Instagram’s Threads, while being a platform where users can share and discuss various topics, has decided to take a cautious approach when it comes to news. Adam Mosseri, in response to queries about Threads’ stance on hard news, clarified that the platform did not aim to amplify news. This decision aligns with Instagram’s history of treading carefully around news content, especially given the challenges both Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have faced with fake news, clickbait, and accusations of political bias.

The Challenge of Balancing News and User Experience:

Despite the potential that Threads has in attracting users from platforms like Twitter, especially those dissatisfied with recent changes, the app’s reluctance to embrace news might be its Achilles’ heel. Mosseri, during an Instagram creator event, mentioned that while news would always have a place on Instagram, the platform wants to be careful about its promises and delivery. He reiterated that while news is present on Threads, the platform won’t actively amplify it.

The Need for a News Alternative:

The increasing spread of misinformation, especially evident during events like the Israel-Hamas war, has highlighted the need for reliable news platforms. Many journalists migrated to Threads, hoping it could serve as a viable alternative to platforms like Twitter. However, with Threads’ decision not to amplify news, its potential as a primary news source seems limited.

A Positive Space for Discussions:

Mark Zuckerberg, in a recent interview, hinted that avoiding news might be Threads’ strength. He believes that while platforms like Twitter might have intense debates that often turn negative, Threads aims to foster positive and friendly discussions. However, this approach raises questions about the platform’s ability to engage users in the long run. A platform devoid of news and debates might be seen as a “dull” space by many.


Instagram’s Threads has made its position clear: it will not amplify news on the platform. While this decision is rooted in past challenges and the desire to maintain a positive discussion space, it also raises questions about the platform’s long-term appeal and its ability to serve as a reliable news source. Only time will tell if Threads’ approach will resonate with its user base or if the platform will need to recalibrate its stance on news content.