Instant noodles increases the chances of heart attack and diabetes

A new study by health scientists at the Baylor University has indicted instant noodles as a culprit in cases of heart attacks, diabetes, and even strokes. This discovery was made by researchers who believe instant noodles causes metabolic syndrome and published in Nutrition, a medical journal.

Metabolic syndrome is a medical condition that predisposes patients to developing diabetes, strokes, and heart diseases in addition to other nutrition-related ailments. It is not too common among people but presents a significant risk all the same.

The nutrition researchers reveal that anyone that eats instant noodles up to a number of occasions in any given day or per week is at the risk of developing metabolic syndrome which disposes them to having heart attacks and strokes among others.

Although the researchers found that women appear to be at more risk of developing metabolic syndrome due to the constant consumption of instant noodles, even though they find it difficult to pinpoint why this is so.

Children, youths, college students, and even adults all eat instant noodles because it is cheap, easy to prepare, and gets ready for consumption within minutes. It is the staple food of many people all over the world, and hundreds of brands have found their ways into the consumer markets.