Intel wearable bracelet MICA: Where technology meets fashion

Intel has come up with a really exiting gift for Christmas. The company’s smart bracelet MICA will be made available in time for the upcoming holiday season.

The chipmaker started talking about MICA (or My Intelligent Communication Accessory) several months back. Intel said that with this device it will show what exactly it is capable of doing in the rapidly growing wearable tech market and how attractive it can make such products look.

Till yesterday, the media didn’t have much information about MICA; this is because Intel and Open Ceremony, the retailer that partnered Intel to design and produce the special bracelet, didn’t say anything significant about the device.


The two companies refused to divulge details of the features of the bracelet and also didn’t mention exactly when they will be making it available for purchase. The only noteworthy statement they made is regarding the price of the device; they said that the device will be priced below $1,000.

However, now when we are standing only around a week away from Thanksgiving, Intel and Open Ceremony are allowing potential buyers and the wearable tech industry to have a much closer look at the upcoming bracelet.

The bracelet is a luxury wear to say the least; it features gems like lapis stones, pearls, Tiger’s Eye and Russian obsidian. A part of its body is crafted from snake skin. It comes with 18 karat gold plating and carries a touchscreen display curved out of sapphire glass. Users will be able to use MICA to get access to Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

As mentioned before, Intel wants to make sure that people get to buy this wonderful tech-based accessory for Christmas; so, it will be launching the product onto the market by early December, before the holiday season commences. For now, MICA will be available only for buyers in the US; nothing can be said yet about its availability in other countries.

Once launched, you will get to buy the device from Open Ceremony stores in Los Angeles and New York, Barneys in New York, and online at official websites of both Open Ceremony and Barneys.

Previously statements from both Open Ceremony and Intel suggested that they are looking to price the bracelet below $1,000. They have done more than that. The initial price of the device is even below $500; to purchase MICA this Christmas, you will only need to spend $495. What’s more, this price includes wireless service with AT&T for a couple of years.