International Space Station’s orbit SHIFTS after engine glitch

MOSCOW: The International Space Station crew is doing well after an unexpected glitch in the engines framework caused the spacecraft to slightly change its orbit. The shift occurred during a regular test of the International Space Station’s radio. During the test, which ensures that docking procedures are functioning correctly, the engine suddenly shut down, and then restarted – causing momentary concern amongst those who eagerly watch the International Space Station.

The Russian Space Agency announced the glitch shortly after it was reported and accounted for. However, after I.S.S. was stabilized the team reported back that things were returning to normal, but that their orbit would be slightly altered as result of the glitch. At this point, it’s unclear whether the glitch was a part of a larger problem, despite the fact that I.S.S., and the Russian Space Agency is keeping any potential issues quiet.


This problem comes as two Soyuz spacecraft are docked at the station. They will be returning two of the stations members to Earth, as they complete their terms at the International Space Station. As far as identifying which of the two capsules experienced the issue while going through the process at the International Space Station – this was another detail left out by the Russian authorities.

Soyuz has experienced its share of problems though, as it experienced launching issues in April, which delayed the return of the three individuals from the International Space Station. At the end of the day, this is something that is going to receive intense criticism until those astronauts are returned safely to Earth.

Space aviation as a whole is something that has received a lot of criticism, as errors and launch failures have caused serious skepticism regarding the safety of space aviation. This comes though at a time when many experimental space aviation companies are working to privatize space travel, as entities like the U.S. government fund fewer programs and cut spending. However, many remain skeptical about the notion that there could be anything included – like space travel for the average citizen – as failures continue to pile up.

The next event worth watching will be when these two Soyuz spacecrafts return these three individuals back to Earth. At that point, people will have a better idea about what is going on with the I.S.S. and perhaps more answers will be given in terms of understanding what error happened up there at the station before it was fully docked.