iPad, tablets, and laptops now banned in Manchester United home stadium

If you like taking your iPad, smart tablet, or laptop with you to Manchester United home games, you’ll no longer like the new game experience.

Manchester United has said that it will no longer allow anything above 150mm x 100mm to make its way into Manchester’s home games. The email Manchester United sent to its players earlier this week included the iPad (specifically), though the team mentioned “tablets” in a general sense. Laptops are also banned, so the soccer team is not making fun of Apple iPad users or singling them out from the crowd.

While the iPad is a marvelous device, it seems as though large devices have been used to record the team’s home games. This still does not ban the use of iPhones at Manchester United home games, and even iPhone users could record home games. At the same time, however, it may be the case that iPhones come with smaller memory storage amounts than iPads and other tablets and could not record as much as tablets can. Tablets such as the iPad are also larger and thus, can record more up-close game action. Tablets can also take more detailed photos, and tend to have larger flashes when taking pictures.

As some iPad users have said in years past, however, iPads are simply distracting because of their large size. Most iPhone users discourage consumers from using their iPads to take photos – a new practice that has gained some popularity as compared to recent years.