iPhone 6 video shows the device in all its glory

Apple is set to announce the iPhone 6 at its press invite event in seven days.

Fortunately, you do not need to wait until then to see the next-generation iPhone.

Russian tech site Rozetked now has its hands on the iPhone 6, full assembled.

There are a few things to notice about the iPhone 6, with one being that the new iPhone is taller and has a wider display than the iPhone 5s. The model in the iPhone 6 video is the 4.7-inch display, and it does look more “towering” than the iPhone 5s. Next, Apple built the iPhone 6 using liquid metal, a material the company secured through a deal with LiquidMetal Technologies. The liquid metal gives the iPhone 6 a polished or brushed aluminum look.

Next, the Touch ID sensor area is larger than last year’s iPhone 5s, confirming the rumors that have been in the news for weeks. Last but not least, the iPhone 6 bears more of an iPod Touch design than anything. It seems that Apple wanted to merge the iPod Touch and iPhone design this year, with the company trying to find a new direction in which to take its most popular-selling iDevice. The Russian tech site claims that the iPhone 6 looks like “a big iPod Touch 5th-generation,” and if the phone in the video is indeed the iPhone 6, then this claim is spot-on.

The iPhone 6 camera “juts” out from the phone itself, but the device feels excellent in one hand. The TruTone double flash remains, and the camera now has a unique aluminum ring around it. The camera appears to bear a larger sensor than last year’s iPhone 5s, so the 13MP rumor surrounding the iPhone 6 also appears to be accurate.

One thing that may surprise about the iPhone 6 video leaked by Rozetked is that the device in the video does not bear sapphire crystal but instead, a “more transparent glass.” This could be Gorilla Glass 4, but the use of Gorilla Glass instead of sapphire crystal fits with rumors about pricing and Apple’s desire to distinguish between its two new iPhone 6 models.

At first, rumors stated that Apple would implement sapphire crystal displays for both devices, but that rumor then gave way to the idea that Apple would only employ sapphire crystal displays for its 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models while leaving only the high-end 4.7-inch memory storage models to receive the new transparent display. Apple has struggled with manufacturing its displays for both devices, with many saying that Apple sent some of its 5.5-inch smartphones back through production in order to add a layer to the display for fear that the display would be vulnerable to cracks and breaks.

Apple will announce the iPhone 6 at an event next week, September 9. Apple has been manufacturing iPhones since 2007, having created the iPod Touch prior. Apple then went on to manufacture its first tablet (the iPad) back in 2010. Earlier this week, Apple told developers that they could not sell user data from iOS 8’s Health and HealthKit apps to marketing companies for profit in an effort to protect its users.