iPhone 6s rumors run rampant: 5 things to know

iPhone 6s rumors are running wild around the Internet. Understandably so, as the iPhone 6 wound up surpassing most records that had been held to that point. As Apple approaches the next round of iPhone’s though, many are wondering what they’re going to do. There have been rumors about a smaller iPhone getting released this time around, but with it being an off-year for the iPhone – where Apple will typically just launch an upgrade to their iPhone, instead of an outright new device – as well as this being the year that Apple launched the Apple Watch – this year has brought a lot of questions.

However, we’ve compiled the five most important things to know or remember as we head into the summer, which will likely be the season where Apple initially introduces the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s Release

Apple will likely be introducing or unveiling the iPhone 6s sometime during the summer months. Most expect that period to be in August. However, the launch itself will be happening in September. When the release takes place, some well-placed rumors suggest that it could be happening as an “Internet only” release that would mean similar to the Apple Watch – consumers will have to go online to place their orders. That’s something that will either be well-received, or extremely disliked with a mainstream product like the iPhone.

iPhone Sizes

Expect Apple to really take advantage of the size range that they now have in their network of devices. Rumors have been spinning for months now that Apple would introduce a smaller, 4-inch iPhone into the cycle this time around – and if they do that, there will certainly be positive feedback from those who feel like devices have gotten too large. That being said though, they will also be introducing the larger 6 Plus size, as well as the traditional 6 size.

iPhone 6s

Apple Events

History tells us that Apple will host a massive event to celebrate the launch of this iPhone. If that happens – we can expect the iPhone to really be taking center stage this fall. The expected event would likely come in September, or late August.

iPhone Specs

Apple will be bumping up the specs of the iPhone device that comes out this time around, as reports have indicated that the next iPhone will be rolling with 2GB of RAM. While that won’t match the Galaxy S6, it will still be an upgrade. That’s something that iPhone users are always looking for, and with the solid performance that iPhones typically bring to the table, this will likely be a great device.


Sales Drop

Apple is coming off one of its best performing quarters and devices in the history of the company. That being said though, that type of performance really shouldn’t be expected with its next round of devices. Especially given the fact that this will be an off-year device that won’t be a true upgrade. It will certainly be better, but it won’t be groundbreaking by any means. That though will give Apple some flexibility with this device in the sales department, and give them the chance to try some new things.