Is Now the Right Time to Pursue an MS in Economics?

The pursuit of education is a highly individual matter – there’s no telling when life will get in the way. Whether it’s family or work commitments, shifts in the socio-economic landscape, or personal preference, finding the right time to take your education to the next level is rarely easy.

In-between pandemics, public disillusionment, and global energy crises, chasing down a master’s degree might not be on the top of your to-do list – but somewhat ironically, now might be the perfect time to explore the opportunity, particularly if you’re interested in economics and the qualifications it demands.

The Job Market Is Improving

Before worth asking yourself ‘what is an MSAE?’ and diving into pursuing one, it’s important to think about what kind of role economics has to play in the current job market – doing so might give you the insight you need to make your decision regarding whether or not this field is for you. Choosing to pursue further education isn’t a small decision, so it’s important to explore the positive impact it can have on your future in more detail.

Still, even though research is a necessity, potential candidates looking into this area of work and study are in luck; of course, the effects of the pandemic are still taking their toll on the US job market – but recently, Americans are reentering the workforce in record numbers, according to the Washington Post.

Demand for labor means (theoretically speaking) more opportunities for graduates, particularly those with highly transferrable, practical skillsets, like the ones you can gain from a post-graduate degree like applied economics. Degrees that relate to a foundational element of society are incredibly versatile, potentially making you a more competitive candidate overall – and those pertaining to economics are one of those qualifications.

Innovators Are in Demand

The post-pandemic world is calling out for innovators and critical thinkers who can drive meaningful change in today’s workplace.

A post-graduate degree in economics can provide you with the tools that allow you to chase and nurture innovation on a daily basis, making you a prime candidate for businesses operating across a wealth of industries.

The field of economics stretches far and wide, and in one way or another, every business needs to have a financial component, no matter what that business looks like.

Big Data Is Here to Stay

An applied economics program can help you master one of the most important and enigmatic aspects of the modern working world: data. Data analytics is consistently shaping the way businesses operate in nearly every capacity, from marketing and finance to HR and customer services.

Future-proofing your skillset through further education can help you thrive in this data-heavy environment, especially since big data looks like it’s here to stay.

Job Security

Feeling insecure in your role is a major source of anxiety for many people, and it can put you in an uncomfortable position, particularly when your prospects look limited. However, an advanced economics degree can open up plenty of opportunities, as it encompasses a broad range of skills that are more or less always in demand.

The qualification alone represents some form of job security, even before you consider the wide range of skills you’ll develop along the way. As such, if it’s time for a change, you might find that the pursuit of further education is the ideal catalyst to inspire it and ultimately land you a secure and rewarding job in the field of economics.