ITS ON! Google, Intel, Tag Heuer smartwatch vs Apple Watch

Tag Heuer is teaming up with Intel and Google to produce an Android smartwatch that can compete with Apple Watch. While Apple Watch hasn’t officially launched yet, Google and Intel are hoping that they can produce a watch with Tag Heuer that is visually appealing enough that it will take some of the market that Apple Watch is undoubtedly going to claim in the coming months.

Jean-Claude Biver, the CEO of Tag Heuer said in a statement that, “Swiss watchmaking and Silicon Valley is a marriage of technological innovation with watchmaking credibility.” However, the excitement wasn’t limited to Tag Heuer, as Google Android Wear director of engineering shared similar excitement.


He said, “By fusing beauty with technology, the Swiss watch has inspired generations of artists and engineers alike — including us at Google. So we’re thrilled to be working with TAG Heuer and Intel to bring a unique blend of emotion and innovation to the luxury market.”

The major point to be made here is the fact that it isn’t just one, or two companies teaming up to challenge Apple with this product like we have seen in the past. In many ways, this could be viewed as an example of Google learning from previous mistakes. For example, with sluggish performance from individual manufacturers of smartphones against Apple’s iPhone this shows just how Google is willing to change the way they pursue competition with Apple.

That’s not to say though that this will be a successful attempt at challenging the Apple Watch. Right now the big challenge that Google has with competing against Apple is that to take users away from Apple, or get new users on-board – that oftentimes means getting users away from the Apple OS network of devices. Whether we’re talking about Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other piece of the Apple puzzle, it all ties together by enforcing a uniformity that Android isn’t delivering on to this point.

Perhaps though with the right equipment inside the watch, and the right watch being built – Apple could see some legitimate competition here in the luxury smart watch space. Apple still hasn’t officially launched the Apple Watch, and there is even talk about launching a second Apple Watch later this year – before holiday season – to tap into additional market share amid production concerns with the Apple Watch that is set for release next month.

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