Jason and Kelli gifted with identical triplets in New York is rare 1–50mn occurrence

A New York family has been blessed to be one in a million as now it has welcomed naturally conceived identical triplets to the family. Such an occasion is very rare and according to the doctors the probability of it happening is incredibly rare.

Born on Wednesday on July 1, the triplets are boys, and they were introduced to the world by the parents on next day. The birth weights of the triplets are 2 pounds, 14 ounces, 2 pounds, 15 ounces, 2 pounds, 12 ounces and are named Owen Michael, Noah Charles and Miles John respectively.

The proud parents, Jason and Kelli Fenley have another child Aidan, 3 also. Jason Fenely seemed very excited and called it a genetic lottery. The triplets had to spend their first 51 days under intensive care as they were prematurely born. The birth had taken place about two weeks earlier, so the infants were kept in neonatal care.

However, now they are ready to join their elder brother at home, Aiden. The proud mother who is also an assistant principal when asked about keeping track of her infants told that she color codes them. “Owen is blue, Noah is grey, and Miles is green”, said Kelli, who dresses them in that color and also paints their toes in that particular shade.


Aged 33 years, the mother of infants informed about the schedule that she has been asked by the hospital to follow. The guidelines in schedule clearly mention about minute aspects like bathing, naps and feed hours. Kelli told that the triplets have to be bathed every night and they need to be served food after every three hours. Moreover she also needs to take care of the fact that the infants are put down for naps immediately after the food.

Both Jason, who is an attorney by profession and Kelli, were earlier informed by their physician that they are conceiving triplets who are conceived naturally. The family is already adapting to the new dynamics with parents, big brother and the new triplets.

Dr. Martin Chavez, who has delivered the triplets, explained the reason why the case of identical triplets being conceived naturally is a rare case. He told that for identical triplets the fertilized egg has to split once and then one of the other eggs splits again.

Despite the rareness of such cases, there have been other such instances.

In one such case, the mother was given an option to keep either one or two or lose all. However, the other case was of healthy three girls born as identical twins. An even rarer case of quadruplets occurred this year while another mother gave birth to triplets who were conjoint on hips.