Jaxon, the baby born with partially developed brain, meets Santa

The parents of a one and half-year-old infant who has beat all odds and managed to survive in spite of having a severe brain malformation have posted an amazing image on social media. The picture shows the boy meeting Santa; this is the first time the miracle baby is meeting the world’s most loved mythical character.

Jaxon Buell, the baby in question, was born in August 2014. He was born with a rare condition called micro hydranencephaly. For those who don’t know: micro hydranencephaly is a condition in which brain tissues get replaced with fluid. According to information provided by the National Institutes of Health or NIH, micro hydranencephaly is actually a developmental abnormality, which is usually marked by the incomplete formation of skull and brain. Scientists are yet to gather information on the specific causes of this debilitating condition.

After knowing about Jaxon’s congenital condition, doctors predicted that he will not live more than a week after his birth. However, in spite of having such a severe disability, the little one is now almost 15 months old. Due to the amazing strength showcased by baby Jaxon, his father nicknamed him Jaxon Strong.

What’s more inspiring is that the baby is also enjoying life like any other kid of his age. For instance, he just visited Santa Claus and even sat on his lap.

Jaxon, who currently lives in the city of Orlando along with his parents, Brandon and Brittany Buell, met Santa at the Mall at Millenia, a contemporary, upscale shopping mall in the same city. Brittany posted photographs of this amazing meeting on Facebook last Wednesday. Quite expectedly, the photos have managed to grab the attention of a large number of social media users and recently obtained updates suggest that they have managed to get almost 50,000 likes.


Before this, through a post published on Facebook, Jaxon’s father Brandon responded to people who believe that the family has not taken the right decision by continuing with the pregnancy and is responsible for baby Jaxon’s suffering. He said that the family can only laugh thinking about people who can think of ending a life so easily.

According to Brandon, Jaxon’s life might be short, but in this short span of time, he will be inspiring millions of lives on earth, just like other kids with disabilities do.