Jennifer Lopez Insures Her ‘Booty’ For 1 Million?

Although there was a buzz about Jennifer Lopez’s booty being insured for $1 million, it is all a rumor, says a report dated March 30, 2016.

On Tuesday Night, during a segment of Carpool Karaoke on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’, JLo set the record straight, when Corden asked her if her ‘booty’ was insured.

JLo stated ‘NO!’ and claimed there is no such thing like this. When he asked how did she insure her but, Lopez commented that she thinks there is a place in his homeland wherein such parts of the body can be insured. Although he agreed that the part was the bit odd to insure, he still continued until she asked him to stop.

However, Corden took a step beyond and asked if what if it disappeared or what if she sat on a sharp thing? This amused Jenifer as she wondered how can a ‘booty’ disappear until someone could steal it.

This led them into singing and dancing along as she sung ‘big, big booty.’ Then, Corden asked her if he could learn some music video along with sexy moves.

Jenifer appeared to look quite seductive along with seatbelt that was strapped along her black turtleneck and on the other hand, Corden looked quite funny as he tried the same moves.

Corden asked for a peek at her phone and was quite impressed that she is friends with Dwayne Johnson and Chris Brown. However, it is the cell of Leonardo DiCaprio which beckons.

So he writes a text ‘I m kinda feeling like I need to cut loose. Any Suggestions?’ DiCaprio took it quite seriously and immediately texted back ‘You mean tonight, boo-boo, Club wise?’.

Lopez laughed this off, and she made it clear to DiCaprio and Corden that she wasn’t going clubbing but would go home to cook for her kids.