Jimmy Carter’s cancer has spread to his brain, leaves everything to god

On Thursday, former US president Jimmy Carter, who was in office from January 20, 1977, to January 20, 1981, announced that his melanoma has spread to his brain. Doctors have identified four cancerous spots on Carter’s brain and have said that more such spots can show up in other places in his body.

Carter will be undergoing radiation therapy and receive injections for fighting cancer. Doctors found that the former president is suffering from cancer when he underwent an operation for getting a growth on this liver removed. That growth also had melanoma.

The 91-year-old man first let the world know about his ailment last week. However, he broke the news to his 88-year-old wife in June.

The 39th President of the United States, during an appearance at Atlanta’s Carter Center, said that initially he thought that the cancer was confined only to his liver, and the surgery removed the ailment completely. He added that although doctors have identified spots on his brain, he is feeling good and has not experienced any disability or weakness.

Expressing his confidence in his doctors, Carter said that it’s true that it’s not possible for him to anticipate how he will be feeling, but for now he will have to defer significantly to the doctors looking after his treatment. Here, it must be mentioned that the doctors in charge of Carter’s treatment are from the Emory University.

The former president said that the news that his cancer has started spreading has not left him shattered. According to him, he was amazingly “at ease” when he first heard the news. Carter believes that he could react to the news in such a manner as his life has been wonderful, and his existence was pretty gratifying and exciting.


Right now, the legendary American politician feels that everything is in the “hands of God”. He is completely prepared to face anything that comes his way and is eagerly waiting to experience an absolutely new adventure.

All members of the ex-president’s immediate family died from cancer. The list includes his parents, a brother and two sisters. Each of them was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. As a result of being from the same family, Carter used to undergo checkups for the ailment at regular intervals.