Kangana Ranaut Appeared In A Spoof Video, Calling Qatar Airways CEO ‘Idiot Of A Man’

Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actress and Padma Shri award winner who is reputedly known for her provocative statements, made another humiliating error today. She referred the Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker as an “idiot of a man” based on a spoof short video.

The video was intended to refer to a Twitter guy called “Vashudev” who videotaped himself urging Indians to ban Qatar Airways in the wake of India’s enormous political backlash after two BJP officials’ disrespectful statements about Prophet Muhammad.

What’s in The Video?

In the video, Vashudev claims that Qatar had granted asylum to artist MF Hussain, who had “painted naked pictures of Hindu deities.” He claims that the very same Qatar is lecturing to us about (former BJP spokeswoman) Nupur Sharma’s statements, pushing audiences to ban Qatari products and Qatar Airways flights. Following the release of this clip, the hashtag ‘#BycottQatarAirways’ started going viral with the incorrect spelling.

Fake Video Responses

In response, another Twitter user created a fake video, mimicking the Qatar Airways CEO’s interview with Al Jazeera. The voiced segment, which is peppered with mocking jabs, actually sounds like Akbar Al Baker is sincerely pleading with Vashudev to end his ban. With an investment amount of 624.50, Vashudev is our largest stakeholder. We do not know how to proceed any longer. All flights have been canceled. The doctored footage portrays the Qatar Airlines CEO appearing to declare, “Our services are no longer running…” Netizens have reacted to the video with laughter.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut appears to have taken the spoof video seriously and reacted strongly to those who are “praising this bully.”

“All this so Indians who are praising this bully for trying to make fun of a poor man should understand that this is just why you’re a massive load on this highly populated country,” she further said on Instagram.