Kraft Singles cheese recalled due to spoiled ingredient

Kraft, the company responsible for the American cheese singles that so many love, has recalled 7,691 cases due to cheese ingredient contamination.

According to the company, any of the 12, 16, or 24-ounce singles bearing an expiration date (or “best used by” date) of either February 20, 2015 or February 21, 2015 should be trashed or brought back to stores immediately. The infected cheese packages will bear the initial numbers 0 21000, followed by 60464 7, 61526, and 63360 9.

The contaminated cheese packages in question contain an ingredient (unnamed) that a supplier placed at the wrong temperature. The products were manufactured in Springfield, MO, before sent out to stores. Kraft, a Northfield, Illinois-based company, has said that the supplier did not comply with Kraft’s own food temperature regulations.

When products are not placed at right temperatures, they can cause sickness of all kinds, and spoiled ingredients contribute to spoiled food and food poisoning. Kraft has also been on the hook for other food recalls this year, such as the January recall of nearly 2 million pounds of Velveeta Cheesy Skillets because of the presence of allergens within them as well as 260 cases of Velveeta that were found to have low levels of sorbic acid and be at risk for food contamination. In April, Kraft recalled 96,000 pounds of its Oscar Meyer Classic wieners because they contained cheese dogs and, thus, the presence of dairy products.

Anyone who returns the infected cheese packages can receive a store credit and, in many cases, a full refund for their purchase. It goes without saying that it’s always best to bring a receipt showing what store you purchased the cheese from, as well as the date on which you purchased it. If you would rather call Kraft instead, you can contact the company by calling the number 800-396-5512.