LA Auto Show ends, Bentley’s Grand Convertible sparks intrigue

The L.A Auto Show featured a lot of great technology, and a lot of great cars from names that are as popular with enthusiasts, as they are by the general buying public. The addition of fuel cell vehicles at the show, massively overhauled cabins that bring technology and ease to the forefront of the conversation, and cars that really tackled performance issues, or performance complaints by customers from previous models.

It’s over now though, and that means it’s time to either evaluate what has been shown or wait for the next piece of exciting news to come from the automakers. However, that wait was relatively short since designer Theoplilus Chin released a rendering of what he believes would be a Bentley Gran Coupe. There was a lot of speculation after the auto show pointing out that two grand tourers produced by Bentley and Audi share enough in common to actually create a concept that Bentley hasn’t yet created.


His rendering, which is the Bentley Grand Convertible in coupe form is something that really shouldn’t seem like much of a stretch when looking at the two vehicles that are said to be brought together to create the vehicle. However, Bentley is slow to return to the luxury car game as they only recently began regaining their place at the table.

This is ultimately what the car world does after the show. When the news isn’t that thick, and the time can be spent evaluating what is around, and looking at future models in extreme distant future – it allows a lot of people the wiggle room to look far into the future and see what might be popping up on the radar as time goes on.

To this point Bentley hasn’t even announced or confirmed any of the technical specifications that will be accompanying the Grand Convertible, so to add another layer on top of that, which would essentially create a scenario where we’re talking about a car that might not be seen until close to 2020 is a reality, according to some sources.

Right now it’s hard to say who the biggest winners of the auto show were this year, but one overstating fact is that the automotive space is definitely gathering steam, even though the market here in the United States, and many automakers here in the United States are feeling a great amount of pressure and conflict to perform, make money, and put a product on the road that meets the lofty and growing expectations of customers.