Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro unveiled

Lenovo might have come onto something that may truly change the way tablets are perceived or expected to operate. Granted, Lenovo’s latest Yoga 3 Pro is a crossover device, if you will, allowing it to be both a tablet and PC when used accordingly.

The Lenovo 13-inch Yoga 3 Pro is just a half-inch thick, and is incredibly light weight ringing in at 2.62lbs, a hair under the MacBook Air. But, this isn’t just a tablet, and it isn’t just a laptop. This is both, and this is everything. Lenovo does a great job with the Yoga 3 Pro in creating something that is new and exciting. Compared to the previous model, the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is 17% thinner and 14% lighter.


The device will be available in orange, silver, and gold. However, Lenovo makes this device truly special through a range of “modes,” or acting methods. In other words, it all functions from a lot of hinges, and hinge mechanisms. Four modes are worked into the new design, and allows the user to use it in standard Laptop mode, Stand mode – where the keyboard faces down, Trent mode – where the device creates an “A” shape and stands triangularly on the table or surface that you’re watching it on, and then finally Tablet – where the entire device looks, feels, and acts like a traditional tablet, and the keyboard is entirely wrapped around the device.


Additionally, Lenovo has added a piece of software that will analyze the amount of use each mode gets and give users the opportunity to see what they’re using most often, and for what tasks they’re using. The software is called Harmony, and it even will tell you which apps you use the most while you’re in each particular mode.

This will allow the device to have a little more predictability with users. Meaning, those that want to give a presentation will be able to do so without having any wait or hesitation on the matter, when flipping into a specific mode – which means customization of commands is also coming – but even if you need something as simple as a camera to be activated when flipping into a different mode that can be achieved with ease.


This device is powerful but also effective for anyone in the market looking for a device that can be predominantly a tablet – but perhaps needs some doubling as a laptop.