LG G Watch Urbane vs. Apple Watch: The Wearable Wars

LG enjoyed moderate success with the LG G Watch R. While it didn’t fly off the shelves the way the Apple Watch did, it saw a decent amount of success in what is quickly becoming a crowded Android Wearable space. For Android products though, whether we’re talking about smartphones or wearables like a smartwatch – it’s all about competing with Apple. That’s why so many are quickly calling the LG G Watch Urbane a smartwatch that can compete with the Apple Watch. Especially with the range of issues that Apple users have experienced in getting their hands on those devices. While it remains to be seen how the company will perform with the LG Watch Urbane, there is definitely an interesting conversation to be had around the specifications of each smartwatch.

Here’s how the two devices stack up next to each other:


The first thing people will notice about the LG G Watch Urbane is that it brings a round display to the table, which is something that the smartwatch community can’t seem to decide on liking or disliking. On one hand, it looks much more like a traditional watch toting a round face, whereas those like the Apple Watch, which have square faces, appear to be a little more space-age and non-traditional.

The LG G Watch Urbane is a 1.3-inch display that measures 320 x 320. The G Watch Urbane brings a P-OLED display to the table, which is a nice addition for those who feel overwhelmed by the weight and heavy-duty nature of some other smartwatches on the market.


On the other hand though, the Apple Watch features a 1.32-inch display, which on paper is slightly larger – but there again, comes with its own disadvantages because of its square design. The screen resolution measures in at 272 x 340, which is good – but isn’t going to be noticeably better than the LG G Watch Urbane.


When it comes to hardware in a device as small as a smartwatch it’s important to understand that very few of these devices actually perform slowly. Many of them are loaded with the same types of hardware from Qualcomm, or some of the other major names in processors out there. That being said though, the LG G Watch Urbane brings an impressive and qualified Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor that totes 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. That’s in impressive lineup for a smartwatch.

That said, the Apple Watch totes the inner workings known as the S1 package. Samsung developed the processor that’s inside the device; yet by most measures it isn’t really cutting edge technology, or anything that is overwhelmingly fast. In fact, it’s pretty comparable to the LG G Watch Urbane’s capability. The difference of how that hardware is put into action is shown in the operating systems, which are most definitely different. Those who have really dug into the Apple Watch though believe that the package comes with 512MB of RAM and a processor that definitely gets the job done.


When it comes to understanding how useful something is like a smartwatch there are a lot of factors that have to get calculated in. First, you should look at how the size of the device plays with day-to-day life. The second thing to look at is the battery. The third thing to look at is how well the sensors and other features function within the phone, and that oftentimes means looking at the OS onboard the device.

As far as the LG G Watch Urbane is concerned it’s battery life is far superior to the Apple Watch. Early tests have suggested that the device can last as much as 2 days on one charge. The Apple Watch maxes out around 18 hours, or a day and a half. The size of the LG G Watch Urbane is definitely more suitable for daily life, given the fact that it’s round. That being said, this is especially true if you don’t want people to know that you’re wearing a smartwatch. Android also does very well in this form, and works with Android 4.3 and anything that came after that. It has a broad range of devices that work well with it.


The Apple Watch is a little pickier about who can use it. While there aren’t any serious issues with its usability – it most certainly looks like a smartwatch, functions like a smartwatch, and doesn’t last the longest. If that’s not enough though the Apple Watch also has a shorter battery life, so it could be a device that – if used heavily – could lag behind.

Which is better?

Both the LG G Watch Urbane and the Apple Watch perform very well. Reports have indicated that the sensors on both devices will act oddly from time-to-time but nothing is perfect, and every now and then smart devices of any kind will act oddly. That being said though, both devices are very expensive in the smartwatch world. The LG G Watch Urbane is actually a little more expensive than the Apple Watch, which is surprising – but for some users could be worth the extra $50 it will cost to own.

Either way, users will be splitting hairs to determine a true winner between the two. However, if we’re talking about sheer usability and functionality, the LG G Watch Urbane is definitely the winner. Especially given the fact that LG has had success and failure in this department before, whereas Apple is simply trying to make a stand in the market.