Lifetime Whitney Houston story opposed by Houston’s Mother

TV channel Lifetime’s looking to do a Whitney Houston biopic titled “I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story.” The new Houston movie will be directed by actress Angela Bassett, who’s making her first directorial debut with a story that’s bound to fascinate and intrigue viewers who want to know more about the elusive singer that was “the voice for the world,” a statement made by renown American talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Angela Bassett, as are the majority of worldwide viewers, is intrigued by Houston’s life and what that could mean on stage. But one person close to Whitney Houston says that the movie shouldn’t air – and that people should just leave Whitney alone.

That person is none other than the singer’s mother, Cissy Houston.

“Lifetime has chosen to go ahead with the movie in spite of my family’s objections. In the two years since Whitney’s death, many people have stepped forward to speak about their close relationship with her. I find it difficult to believe people who knew and supposedly loved her would participate in a movie about her done by folks who didn’t know her. We are exhausted by the continuing misinformation and comments offered by people who did not know her. Please please let her rest,” the deceased singer’s mother told Entertainment Tonight.

There’s been a lot of gossip in the press and among ordinary consumers who loved Whitney’s voice and were devastated over her death. The same individuals desire to know what happened to her, and current rumors state that Whitney died from a drug overdose in her hotel room while preparing to appear at an awards ceremony/dinner later that evening. When receiving a posthumous award on behalf of her mother over a year ago, Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina (named after her father, Bobby Brown) told the audience that there’re so many individuals who knew nothing about her mother, or what happened – all while thanking Whitney’s fans who loved her and never stopped believing in her.

As for Angela Bassett, the new director says that she talked with Cissy and the Houston family before proceeding with the movie. “I have such regard for both Whitney’s and Bobby’s amazing talents and accomplishments; and I feel a responsibility in the telling of their stories. Their humanity and bond fascinates us all. I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity to go behind the camera and into their world,” Bassett said. While the Whitney Houston movie will, no doubt, propel Bassett’s directing ambition towards an accelerated career, it’s clear that Houston’s family is still grieving and doesn’t want to relive (via television) what went wrong in Houston’s and Brown’s relationship.

Whether Cissy Houston likes it or not, the Whitney Houston biographical movie will air in 2015. Directed by “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” actress Angela Bassett, produced by Larry Sanitsky, and written for screen by Shem Bitterman, the Whitney Houston tribute will focus on Whitney and her tumultuous, ebb-and-flow relationship with pop performer Bobby Brown.

You can go here to view the Whitney Houston movie trailer.