Loosing Twitter joins Google to show tweets in Google search results

Google will now give second by second updates in the form of real-time tweets in its desktop search results. On Friday, the company updated its search for the desktop to include the latest tweets on a particular topic entered on its search bar. The desktop search on Google will now give different results in the form of live tweets depending on what is entered.

This comes after the integration of tweets with Google mobile search results when the two companies announced a deal six months ago. Twitter and Google had established a successful partnership earlier this year when the latter included tweets in Google search results on mobile devices. The expansion to desktop search results has boosted the partnership now, and relevant tweets will now appear in English. While the company plans to roll out the facility for other languages soon, it has already rolled out this feature on its iOS and Android apps along with mobile browsers.

When an individual’s name is searched, a list of his or her recent tweets will also appear in the results. On the other hand, when a generic topic is searched, tweets from its official account will be displayed along with those from other accounts mentioning about that topic. The official Google blog gives an example of “NASA Twitter” being searched, and the tweets displayed to demonstrate the kind of search results one can expect. However, the search does not require the usage of the word “twitter” or twitter hashtags; the appearance depends only on relevance which is decided by Google.

The tweets that appear in the results will also have links and photos contained in the original tweet. It was reported that a recent search performed on Google with the words “President Obama” displayed tweets by the President from his official account along with news links below them. A pop star’s search results will similarly display tweets from his/ her account before any news links, announcements or events.


Twitter’s share price had been going down in the last few weeks, and it had been striving to attract new users. Although it has 316 million monthly active users, the growth of user strength has been slow. Until now, the search engine had just rendered links to tweets. But now, it is including actual tweets in its search results. This move by Google or rather a stronger partnership with Google will undoubtedly escalate the number of users and give a potentially good boost to the site. Although search engine Bing has been offering the same facility since last summer, this partnership is likely to expand Twitter’s reach even more.

This feature aims not only to keep users updated with the latest happenings around them, but also aids organizations to reach a vast audience in an effective manner and at the relevant time.