Mariah Carey Split from Nick Cannon Pending

“All I want for Christmas is you,” singer Mariah Carey has bellowed out in what many consider to be one of her best Christmas songs for those in love.

Unfortunately, Mariah Carey may want someone else this year – other than Nick Cannon – for her Christmas present.

E! has confirmed that the singer and her husband Nick Cannon have “been living apart for months.” According to Nick Cannon’s own words, both he and Mariah Carey are living in different houses. Sources say that Nick Cannon is allowed to say that he and Mariah are living apart, but he cannot say that the divorce is a done deal. Mariah Carey, under the terms agreed to by both she and Cannon, is allowed to disclose the divorce at a time, place, and appropriate point in her immediate future.

One factor that many believe led to the couple’s isolated living back in May 2014 pertains to the number of women Nick Cannon has slept with. In a Big Boy Radio interview, Cannon admitted to having slept with Kim Kardashian – and Mariah Carey seems to not have been happy about it. We also do not know whether Kardashian and Cannon slept together after his marriage to Mariah Carey or not, and that may have an impact upon why Carey and Cannon are going through their separation issues at the moment.

To add to what may be a fidelity issue, Nick seems to be more focused on his career, taking jobs in Los Angeles while Mariah Carey stays at home in New York with their 3-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. According to sources familiar with the matter, Canon seems more focused on his career at a time when he needs to understand that he’s a family man. For any woman who has had a husband who seems to be distant in this way, something just does not seem right when a father of twins would rather be on the road, touring, taking photos, and promoting his career – especially when he is as a famous as Nick Cannon and wealthy enough that he does not have to work but willingly chooses to be away.

While we have only part of the story, it does not seem as though Nick Cannon would lie about the situation. As far as his refusal to talk about it, however, Cannon may just choose to keep things quiet for the sake of both parties involved. Some things about celebrity divorces should be public knowledge, but some rumors do nothing more but add to the growing “fire” of divorce that is already at stake.