Mark Zuckerberg getting sued by would-be neighbor

Mark Zuckerberg sells himself as a simple man, and at his core, he very well could be a simple person. However, the lawsuit that alleges he backed out of a deal that would give him more distance between himself, and his would-be neighbor, at his Palo Alto residence. Interestingly, the move to sue him is one that has left even his own real estate agent calling him, “just a kid.”

The previous agreement argued that Zuckerberg would have a portion of the land that he would like to have acquired at a severe discount – in exchange for meeting some people who otherwise would have been out of the sellers circle. The move, for someone who was in the real estate development business would have made sense because it would have added additional contacts to that person’s network.


That wasn’t what happened according to Mircea Voskerician, who is accusing Zuckerberg of reneging on the deal that would have connected Voskerician with a few more of the wealthy Facebook CEO’s friends. The problem would appear as though that the money that was ultimately lost in the smaller deal with Zuckerberg was significant enough for it to matter that he didn’t actually follow through on his own deal.

The initial deal would have netted the developer $4.3 million – had it been acquired by the other individual – but at the end of the day was only done so for a little more than $1 million. Thus creating the challenge for the Facebook CEO. He had contended that it was out of his price range, to spend the full $4 million on the piece of property – but noted that he would connect some of his peers with Voskerician in exchange for a heavily discounted price.

This though was only one portion of the very strange tale that has surrounded development of Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto home. Overall, he has been working extra hard with developers, painters, contractors – and virtually anyone else he can – to not only make his home perfect – but also make it as private as one massive home of this caliber could be. Really showing how important privacy is to Mark Zuckerberg who controls one of the largest companies in the world.