Mark Zuckerberg surprises a horde of students with his Chinese

The Chinese government may have all the reservations about Facebook in China, but Mark Zuckerberg is leaving no stone unturned in expressing his effulgence in regard to his interest in China and its untapped market potential. Mark Zuckerberg, during a question and answer session at the prestigious Chinese university, Tsinghua University, surprised the students by speaking in Chinese for a good 30 minutes.

As our readers may know that Facebook is banned in China, there was no explicit mention of the ban during Mark Zuckerberg’s question and answer session, save for a few allusions.


Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg expressed his burning desire by saying that Facebook is already helping Chinese firms, such as Lenovo, reach customers abroad. Mark Zuckerberg said the following:

“We are already in China. We help Chinese companies gain customers abroad. We want to help the rest of the world connect to China.”

China, in essence, encourages internet use for education and business, but restricts access to websites that are foreign or obscene and those that tend to be against its interests, ostensibly.

Mark Zuckerberg was not perfectly fluent in Chinese, but his effort and humor drew wide cheers from the audience. Moreover, one of the reasons behind Mark Zuckerberg’s effort in learning Chinese is that his wife, Priscilla Chan, is Chinese-American and that his wife’s grandmother can only speak Chinese.

Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg added that China is a great country, and his learning Chinese will help him learn about its culture and be more integrated with the people of China. About the Chinese language, Mark Zuckerberg said the following:

“The Chinese language is difficult, and I speak English, but I like challenges.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s purpose for visiting Tsinghua University was that he’s been appointed as a member of the advisory board for Tsinghua University School for Economics and Management.