McDonalds has swearing toys and revolting employees

McDonalds has issues. Whether we’re talking about the state of constant revolt that their employees seem to be in, or we’re talking about the new headline, which exposes a mechanical flaw in a Happy Meal toy, and might be resulting in a cursing Minion – it doesn’t seem like the fast food giant can get out of its own way. As the news broke this week, via a YouTube video, which seemed to reveal a Minion saying, “What the f***,” the Internet exploded with comments – both condemning and defending the mainstay in American fast food.

It isn’t quite clear what the minion is saying, and while we haven’t tested one ourselves, it would appear as though at the very least – the customers who believe their child received a swearing Minion – have a valid argument on their hands. Hearing is definitely subjective, but with a toy designed for children, one would assume that no risk would be left unaddressed. Yet, when it comes to this particular toy – all of the risk was left on the table.


McDonalds issued a statement on the matter, and said that they would not be taking the Minions out of circulation or production. For better or worse now, the swearing Minions are here to stay. The statement they released read in part, “Our goal at McDonald’s is to serve up food and fun for our valued customers, and we’re glad to have the Minions on board.” While the statement was definitely abstract, it seemed to miss a lot of the concern people have had about the toy in the first place.

There seems to be a pattern emerging though, from all of the speculation, criticism, and defense of the company. Not long ago the company was under intense criticism for their employees only being paid minimum wage, and despite the fact that it has been a regional fight for many – McDonalds has been at the center of the overall labor and wage debate here in the U.S. since the issue first came about.

What is the answer for McDonalds?

At this point, it would appear as though the best thing McDonalds could do for itself would be finding a way to get out of its own way. The company needs to stop inviting criticism, by not responding to issues. With the wage and labor issue, the company levied the reasoning that they couldn’t really influence their overall fleet because they only operate 10% of all McDonald’s stores. With this issue, the company has refused to take the so-called swearing minions out of circulation, so customers are left feeling the same way, as they have about the other issue.

If McDonalds isn’t willing to help itself, then why should anyone want to help it move forward? The fast food chain is already losing serious market share to other, healthier alternatives, but what will the answer be long-term for the fast food giant? It’s unclear, and what’s more is that it’s unclear who is even in the wrong with these two situations – if McDonalds is as helpless as they contest.