Mega Man & MN9 creator wants user input for RED ASH game-movie concept

The mind behind Mega Man, a popular character and series from the video game world is looking for some help in putting together the next episode in this epic series. The goal is to create a movie and game, but most-specifically, he is looking for help any way possible. More than that though, the team is also looking for the donation. The team created a Kickstarter page, which has already garnered significant support and fanfare.

The game in question that is going to be at the center of this massive mashup is called, Red Ash: The Indelible Legend. It will be an impressive work between users, fans, and developers – and could give the ordinary individual an opportunity to contribute something significant to the universe of the game. If the game is overtly successful, then that will undoubtedly be an impressive move. For one to say that they created a portion of a legendary game, this would undoubtedly turn heads.

Mega Man

The creator Keiji Inafune will be working with his studio, Concept, as well as Studio 4℃, which is a great addition to the team in terms of studio help. However, there is more happening here at the core than people realize at this point. Red Ash is described as being a gaming universe and the world where humans are essentially extinct. This is due to some extreme events that have taken place throughout the gaming universe.

Inafune said of the concept and the project as a whole that, “We want people around the world to look up to this project as an example of what Japanese creators are truly capable of.” The goal of this project is clear. The goal is to set a tone throughout the gaming community, and throughout the world of video game developers that there is strength within this organization of developers.

In their previous venture, they were able to raise $3 million. However, in this recent venture they’re hoping to get $800,000, which would put them right where they are looking to get. If this is successful though, the campaign should raise significantly more than that on Kickstarter, as projects like this typically do very well in the grand scheme.

Mighty Number 9 is expected to launch soon, and with developers and creators already thinking about this next step – which will involve a game and a movie – that is one of the more daunting tasks that anyone has faced. It will be interesting to see how successful this is, as it’s still several years out from actually going into production or launch.