Memorial Day 2015: Tips for staying safe on the day of BRAVES

Every year, on the final Monday of the month of May, Americans celebrate Memorial Day. This year, the celebrations will take place on Monday, May 25. Below, we have presented a few useful tips that will help you and your loved ones to stay safe during celebrations.

Tips for Safe Grilling

One of the common things people do for celebrating Memorial Day is arrange barbecue and grilling sessions in patios and backyards. Americans take part in such acts almost all through the summer.

You can also take part in grilling and barbecues, but make sure that while doing so you don’t end up becoming victims of food poisoning. We are warning you about such a possibility as statistics offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that almost 48 million Americans suffer from food poisoning every year.


One of the common reasons of food poisoning is consumption of uncooked meat. To make sure the meat is cooked properly, grill or barbecue it with care. Don’t consume meat that has a temperature between 40 and 140 degrees; this is because that temperature range is perfect for growth of bacteria. The meat you consume should be hotter than 140 degrees and when storing the meat, make sure it has a temperature below 40 degrees.

The next thing you must keep in mind when barbecuing or grilling is that children shouldn’t be allowed to move around freely around a fiery grill. Experts say that there must be a 3 ft kids-free area around the grill.

Last, but not least, for 100% safety, keep the grill free from fat, grease and cobwebs and other such components that can ignite.

Tips for Safe Traveling

Memorial Day means more traffic; millions of Americans hit the roads on this day for celebrating the occasion. This year, according to estimates put up by the American Automobile Association (AAA), around 33 million people might come down on the road for celebrating Memorial Day. So, if you are planning to travel this Monday, be extra cautious both when walking on the road and driving.

Tips for Spending Time in the Pool

As the Memorial Day is celebrated in summer, many Americans prefer to spend the day by relaxing in the pool. People also organize pool party.

If you are planning to spend your time at such a pool party and thinking of bringing your kids along, make sure you keep your eyes on the little ones constantly as they swim. If you are the host, we would suggest you to appoint a water watcher to monitor the activities of people in the pool.