Mercedes-Benz Maybach Pullman limo to cost $566k

Mercedes-Benz has finally decided to replace the 600 limo. Next month at the Geneva Motor Show, the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman will be unveiled and will completely revolutionize the way people who travel by means of the limousine get around. Typically the 600 was used for government officials, high-ranking corporate officials and so-on, and while the successor to the 600 aims to have the same audience, it does look to the future a bit more.

When you take a look inside of it, you instantly feel as though you’re sitting in a vehicle that truly represents what high-class limousines should represent. Simplicity on the surface, but a feel that is reflective of the Mercedes-Benz name. When it is officially unveiled for the first time at the Geneva Auto Show, audience members will get to see the limousine that will boast a 6-liter V-12 biturbo engine with 523 horsepower.


As far as the cost goes, it will be a pricey adventure for anyone who is looking to drive one of these around – or be driven around in one of these limos. In fact, it will cost – at a base level – right around $566,000,000. Regarding that interior, Mercedes said in a statement that “The VIP occupants sit on two standard-specification executive seats facing the direction of travel. They can enjoy the greatest legroom in the segment and can get into and out of the car with the greatest of ease and comfort.”

It has been many years since the original Pullman 600 launched back in 1963 – but the update that is coming now is one that will surely be enjoyed by President’s, corporate board members, and many more as time goes on. While this isn’t something that will be driven by every man or woman, this is a significant upgrade from what those within the space have been used to, to this point. Mercedes-Benz is also putting together an SUV that will launch this year – and has been drawing a lot of excitement and news about the competition between themselves and Rolls-Royce. It’s unclear right now how that will shake out, but Mercedes has inspired a lot of competition with their latest edition to the SUV landscape.