Michael Phelps meted six month suspension for latest DUI Infraction

Michael Phelps’ comeback attempt has been cut short after the USA Swimming body issued a six-month ban on the Olympian swimmer for his latest driving under the influence (DUI). This means that aside from being banned from all USA Swimming sanctioned events, Phelps will also lose his funding and will be forced to withdraw from the 2015 World Championship team. He will be only eligible once more by April 6, 2015.

The 29 year old US swimmer is considered one of the most decorated Olympians, having amassed a total of 22 medals, as well as multiple record-breaking feats. Phelps initially retired after the 2012 London Olympics but decided to make a comeback in April, 2014.


However, Phelps side misdemeanor issues have become a dark side which seem to be continuously hounding his career. Back in 2004, Phelps also dealt with a DUI charge, sentenced to 18 months of probation.

This is not the first time that Phelps will be suspended as well. In 2009, Phelps was suspended for three months after photos showing him with a marijuana pipe surfaced. Despite being suspended. However, Phelps was allowed to train with his club.

Phelps admits that he needs time to do some soul-searching and do the necessary to help him as far as decision-making is concerned. He has bared that he will enter a six-week treatment program to correct his misdoings and help him make mature future decisions.


For the time-being, the 29-year-old Phelps will be out of the competitive swimming scene and his move to seek treatment is being lauded.

Regardless, however, the violations made by Phelps are serious infractions and are lessons which Phelps may want to take into consideration after he hurdles this current episode. This, of course, with the assumption that Phelps would once again stage a comeback after he has cleared up his troubled side by April of 2015.