Microsoft Edge to Deprecate Several Features in Upcoming Update


In a move to streamline user experience, Microsoft is set to remove several features from its Edge browser. The features on the chopping block include Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode.

Streamlining for Simplicity

Microsoft has announced that it will be deprecating several features in its Edge browser. The decision aims to improve the end-user experience and simplify the “More tools” menu. The features being removed are Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode. These changes were confirmed in the release notes for the Microsoft Edge beta channel.

Why These Features?

While these features have been useful to some, they are considered niche. Microsoft believes that their removal will declutter the “More tools” menu, making the browser more user-friendly. The company has been focusing on enhancing the core functionalities of Edge to make it a strong competitor against other browsers like Chrome.

User Reactions

The decision has sparked mixed reactions from users. Some appreciate the move towards a cleaner interface, while others are disappointed to lose features they found useful, especially in educational settings. Math Solver, for example, was added to Microsoft Edge in mid-2021 and allowed users to take pictures of math problems for solutions.

What’s Next?

Microsoft has not yet announced if these features will be reintroduced in future updates or if they will be gone for good. However, the company has been actively working on other enhancements, possibly to fill the void left by these deprecations


The removal of these features is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to make Edge more streamlined and user-friendly. While some users may miss the deprecated features, the move aligns with the company’s goal to simplify the browser and focus on core functionalities.

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