Microsoft to reduce the price of Xbox One

If you are a gaming enthusiast, Microsoft has some real good news for you. Xbox One, which once used to be a $499 console and then became a device carrying a price tag of $399, has become even cheaper. Starting next week, you will be able to buy an Xbox One just for $350.

This is a limited time offer from Microsoft; however, the company has given interested buyers a lot of time to decide whether they should take this opportunity of becoming the proud owner of one of the world’s most popular gaming consoles for such a reduced price. The promotional pricing will run from Sunday, November 2 to January 3, 2015.


To enjoy the offer, you will need to locate a participating retailer, and you should not find the job too hard to complete as Microsoft’s list includes almost all the majors.

What’s most fascinating about this offer from the house of Microsoft is that it covers everything associated with Xbox One. This means you will get a $50 discount on anything you like; it can be the base model that doesn’t carry any game or a bundle of your choice including the yet to be released Assassin’s Creed Unity (the base price would be $349 and with the Dance Central Spotlight and Kinect it will be prices at $449), Sunset Overdrive (for $349) and Call of Duty: Advanced warfare (for $449 along with custom housing and hard drive of 1TB).

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, said that Xbox One is the only video game console that allows players to play the most widely anticipated exclusives, most innovative and entertaining independent games launched during the course of the year, and latest blockbuster franchises. He is slightly wrong in what he has said when praising his company’s product.

It’s true that Xbox One surely does all these; however, the same perks are also offered by PlayStation 4, the popular Sony product. Additionally, Wii U, a console from the house of Nintendo, also checks a couple of above mentioned boxes namely most widely anticipated exclusives and innovative and entertaining independent games. Wii U fails to give users the opportunity to play the latest blockbuster franchises due to the dismal 3rd part support it has.

Microsoft’s decision to temporarily reduce the price of Xbox One indicates how hard the company is trying to increase the sales of its flagship video game console, which is having a reasonably tough time due to the rising global popularity of Sony’s PlayStation 4.