Microsoft wants Android and iOS users: Updates Skype, Qik with Office Lens availability

It seems that Microsoft will keep no stone unturned to gain back the position it once used to possess in the information technology sector. After taking a big step like acquiring the mobile phone manufacturing firm Nokia in 2014, the company is now looking to make all its products better and more useful.

In one of its most recent announcements, the Redmond, Washington-based tech firm informed that it will be updating its telecommunications application Skype by adding several new features to it. This update will be available both to Android and iOS users. Microsoft has also announced an update for its video messaging app Skype Qik; this new update will allow the app to offer a series of fresh video effects on iOS, Android and of course Windows devices.


Significant modifications will be visible on the chat section of Skype 5.3 for Android. Following the update, the chat layout will have a bubble-like appearance. In addition, individuals using Skype on Android devices will now be allowed to exchange emojis; earlier, they could only forward Skype emotions.

Another remarkable addition is the ability of converting speech into text; however, for that the device will have to be connected to Android Auto. Other changes include: the option of changing and viewing of avatars from the group chats, and the necessity of reentering usernames and passwords every time the user signs out.

The most remarkable changes taking place in Skype 5.12 for iOS devices is the support for twelve more languages; following this update, Skype on iOS will support languages like Turkish, Vietnamese, Catalan, Slovak, Croatian, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Greek, Estonian and Hungarian.

Skype Qik 1.5, the updated version of Skype Qik for Windows, Android and iOS, will make eight new video effects available to the user. If you want, you will even be able to add multiple effects; this will be possible as now users are allowed to switch between effects promptly.

These were not the only significant announcements made by Microsoft recently. The tech giant has made another big announcement for iOS and Android users. It is now making its scanning app Office Lens available both for iOS and Android devices. This makes it clear that the company is currently focusing on increasing its cross-platform productivity.