Mithila Palkar: A journey from the ‘cup song’ girl to lead in TV show

MithilaPalkar is a curly haired, bubbly, fun-loving girl born and brought up in Mumbai with a dream to achieve fame in the Entertainment industry. She is new in the industry and started her career in 2014.

She started her journey with internet shows “News Darshan” with Filter Copy channel.Further, she did to sketches with the same channel; one is “Annoying things boyfriends do” and “Confusing things Girlfriends Say”.

What brought her fame was? Yes, you guessed it right, the “Cup Song”. She sang the Maharashtra Desha Song, which went viral and gave the phenomenal response.

During an Exclusive interview with International Business Times India, she said, “she is getting the positive response from America, Kuwait and Italy as well.

They are unable to understand the lyrics but they still are humming the song.” Well, that’s a great achievement for a newcomer. She is the perfect example of a young girl with big dreams and huge talent.

Currently, she is venturing into web series “Girl in the City” launched by Bindass Channel. The show would comprise of 13 episodes of 15 minutes each in total.

The premiere took place on Facebook on April 28. She auditioned with Still & Still Moving Pictures; the creator of the series and banged the role.

The story focuses on a girl (Meera) who comes from a small city Dehradun and belongs to Army background. It talks about her journey from lavish dependent life to struggling independent one.

She is someone who gives her heart out at achieving something she desperately wants too and never gives up. The character talks about a girl who is never scared of doing something new.

She has worked with Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut in “KattiBatti” and shares her experience as a fantastic one.

She cherishes to work with Ranbir Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit Nene.
Without undergoing any acting training, she is doing terrific. Mithila is a perfect example of complete hard work and dedication.

She is ready to try her hand in different projects, be it singing or acting. She is taking training in Kathak as well to polish her dancing skills.

Her journey has been full of hurdles and hard work, moving from the cup song to the TV show, Girl in the city.

She has been working day and night on herself to project the best. Well, the results we all have seen. She is marvellous in the “cup song” video. Pretty girl with a beautiful voice is a complete package to what is required in the entertainment industry.

Best wishes to her for future endeavours and cheers to her initial success.