NASA’s rover on Mars accidently shows Human shadow in picture

Even slightest essence of mystery has fascinated the earthly world in countless ways. The possibility of finding life beyond earth is a question that never dies down. And UFO or Unidentified Flying Object has always added up the extra curiosity. The quest to know more about UFOs, extraterrestrial life seems to be ever increasing, with passing of each day.

In this latest claim by UFO watchers, it was suggested that a photo taken by NASA’s curiosity Mars rover in 2012 clearly indicates shadows of human-like figures.

Well known UFO specialist from Taiwan, Scott Waring scripted the details of his experience. He explained that the human-like creature supposed to be located on the Red Planet had no helmet and the short hair was uncovered and visible. It was likely to carry air tanks on the back while wearing a suit that covered the entire body.


Waring also suggested that there could be possibilities such as the rover didn’t land up in Mars and the creature seen was indeed a human being from Earth or human like aliens truly live on Mars and the alien was found to be “messing with” the rover.

Creating enough disappointment for the UFO enthusiasts, the most popular explanation of this photo claims, it is the shadow of the rover itself, created from an unusual direction of the rover light.

To take the Mars exploration few steps further, meanwhile NASA is all set to make use of helicopter drones. Automated helicopters are being crafted to receive data about the surface of the Red Planet. These drones, equipped with high-resolution cameras would provide better details about Mar’s landscapes. They will word as partners with the giant rover. The images transmitted by the drones will 10 times larger than those sent by the rover. With these drones working, scientists are expecting to unleash great details about the Red Planet in the near future.