NBA extends deals with ESPN and TNT till 2025

The National Basketball Association made sure that they would continue to provide the necessary television coverage for the next nine years after the league reached an agreement to an extension of TV deals with ESPN and TNT.

The deal which was reportedly valued at $2.66 billion annually by the New York Times, promises to bring new and improved provisions which should enhance viewership and following for the NBA under the tutelage of commissioner Adam Silver.

The new deal will take effect starting the 2016-17 season where ESPN and TNT will render up to 44 post season games. The airing of the NBA finals will exclusively remain with another network, ABC. For ESPN, the network will also be covering the annual NBA draft, draft combine and the NBA lottery.


On the side, the new TV deal may also have bearings on team salary caps. The NBA Players Association is expected to put into perspective the new TV deal which could aid players in structuring their salary caps come the 2016 season.

Big names like Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder stand to benefit from it all, potentially creating a frenzy once these two popular cagers become free to test the free agent market at the end of their respective contracts.

With the growing popularity of the NBA, the new deal will include additional coverage of NBA games as well as bring in new enhancements through content and mobile platforms on a larger global stage. This means that NBA teams will be getting more exposure worldwide, translating into profits as well for NBA stakeholders under the continued leadership of NBA commissioner Adam Silver.


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