NDM Group July 2015 reports favor high sales of PlayStation 4 Xbox One in U.S.

NDM Group reports high sales of PlayStation 4, Xbox One for U.S in July 2015.
NDM Groups, Inc. reports about the gaming industry in the United States made us clear on how Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One are stacking up against each other. NDM reports were about both the software and hardware sales in the country, which was comparatively better than the previous reports that appeared in last few months. Other than that, Sony PlayStation 4 still managed to top the sales by leaving behind Xbox One in the second position.

As the reports reflected, in July 2015 the software, hardware, and other accessories generated a revenue of $541.9 million which was only $513.3 million last year during the same period. This is a definite rise of 6 percent in the growth. If we look at the previous reports, till May 2015, the market in the country generated a revenue of $507.6 million which was $584.9 million last year during the same period. This is a clear downfall of 13 percent despite the fact that there were new games on the market, including Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8. Apart from this, Nintendo also gained some new heights by appearing at the top in the charts with paint shooter Splatoon. It looks like the July has brought in some good news for the companies.

NPD said that the new games in the year 2015 made less in the month of May, but now they have started generating real sales figures in the market. The downfall is over, and the companies are selling their consoles and titles faster than ever.

According to the NPD analyst Liam Callahan, “Sales of new launches were down 3 percent in July 2015, but May and June starts are comparing favorably to the performance of launches of last year, up a combined 20 percent.” Callahan added, “Though May/June launches are performing well this month, this was not enough to offset decreased sales from July releases and older games released outside of the May through July timeframe, which were down 6 percent.”


Nintendo said that they were very excited to see that coming, and as far as hardware sales are concerned the company has only seen a decline of 1 percent, which isn’t that significant and the Nintendo will soon recover it before the year ends.

Apart from this, Chinese government has uplifted a very long ban on the sales of gaming consoles in the country, and Sony and Microsoft are going to drive in more profits by selling their titles and hardware in a country that is one of the most populated countries in the world.