New emojis for Unicode 9 coming in year 2016

New characters in the Unicode 9 for the year 2016 are just getting finalized, and it looks like there are going to be few more emojis adding to the existing list of emoticons. A new list of emojis includes a new dancing man, pregnant woman, black colored heart and other that are going to join the list.

What are the new emojis?

Gender Pairs

The new emojis include a man in the tuxedo, a dancing man, Prince and the mother Christmas. All these have been added to complete the couple for the bride, princess, dancing lady, and Santa Claus emojis.



In the family section, only new emoji we have here is of a pregnant woman. Until this date, we had father, mother, baby and grandparents but not a pregnant woman. This will probably complete the entire family pack.


The biggest addition to the 2016 Unicode 9 characters would be a face with a cowboy hat, clown face, nauseated face, a ROFL face, drooling face and one that is lying. Other than that we will have a selfie hand, shrug and facepalm emoji – One of the most needed emoji of all time.

Hand Gestures

Apart from the pre-existing hand gestures, a few more also going to arrive in the year 2016. Out which one is finger crossed emoji, while other few includes a handshake, right and left facing fist, a call me hand, and a “How about NO”.

Food and Drink:

2016 Unicode 9 list of candidates includes croissant, avocado, cucumber, bacon, potato, carrot and clicking glasses. Looks like most of the emojis took their motivation from the health-conscious people and those who are in love with food.


In the list of animals, we have a fox face, eagle, duck, bat, owl and a shark.

Apart from this, in the miscellaneous category we have a drying flower, black heart, push and motor scooter and a red sign. Apart from this, the Unicode 9 for 2016 may include a butterfly, deer, gorilla, lizard, Rhinoceros, leg, sneezing face, baguette bread, green salad, stuff flatbread, shallow pan of food, tumbler grass, drum with drumsticks, shopping trolley and spoon.

Other than this, Apple and other platforms have already added new emojis, but is not unified. Not all platform are supported for these emojis, however, Unicode 9 approval on this can make them work on it.

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