New video from ISIS reveals prior atrocities committed by Paris attackers

Terror group ISIS has released a gruesome new video of the Paris attackers taken before the November 13 atrocity.

The group, which claims responsibility for the 130 killed in Paris, released graphic new video showing some the attackers performing beheadings and other gruesome acts.

Samy Amimour, a former French bus driver, ISIS fighter Bilal Hadfi and Abdelhamid Abaaoud – the perceived mastermind of the attacks – all appear in the footage.

In what seems to be a preparatory message for the Paris attacks, the men have pictured beheading and shooting captured prisoners in Syria before delivering propaganda speeches.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, perceived mastermind of the Paris attacks Disturbingly graphic in nature, the videos can leave nobody in doubt as to the intentions of these men.

ISIS fighter Samy Amimour is shown picking up the head of a decapitated prisoner, holding it up to the camera and grinning as he says, “Soon in Champs-Elysses.”

Footage is then shown of the UK House of Commons and Prime Minister David Cameron, alongside the message: “Whoever stands in the ranks of Kufr will be a target for our swords and will fall in humiliation.”

The full video – 17 minutes in length and professionally produced – reveals the full extent of the planning that went into the attacks on the French capital.

Targets in the UK including Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral appear alongside an ominous threat that the fighters are ready to strike “anywhere, anytime.”

Nine men were responsible for the Paris attacks which targeted a football stadium, restaurants and cafes and a concert hall.

The video narrator describes the attackers as “nine lions of the caliphate who were mobilised from their lairs to make a whole country, France, get down on its knees.”

French President Francois Hollande has indicated a state of emergency will remain in pace until February.

His message, though, remains defiant: “No threat will give France pause in what it must do against terrorism.

And if I have taken steps to extend the state of emergency, it is because I am aware of the threat and that we will not concede.”